New Year Resolution!

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06 Jan New Year Resolution!

Ready!  Get set!  Go!

Do New Year resolutions sound like a joke to you?  All the social media channels have a field day mocking the under-achievers and condemning those who abandon their commitment to a resolution.

One possibility is that New Year resolutions are simply a list of things “to do” for the first week of January. Some people have enough drive and discipline to make it to 30 days. Perhaps experience has something to do with why we are so skeptical about the New Year resolutions. Are you one of those who make a resolution to never make another New Year resolution as long as you live?

I think we should continue to make our New Year resolutions.  I think we ought to celebrate our intentions: Because of those intentions we redirect our minds from simply thinking about our intentions to taking action and realizing our intentions.  Intentions give birth to hope, desire and aspirations.

Often life gets in the way.  Often we put others people’s wants and needs before our own.  Perhaps we use that as an excuse because we just don’t have the courage to pursuit them. However, remember you of all people deserve to be loved, nurtured and cared for because you cannot give to anyone without taking care of yourself first.

Take inventory of yourself and make a list of the things you want master:  What good habits would you like to install and what bad habits do you want to get rid of. Do you have a desire to change your life style and or perhaps satisfy a financial ambition?

Next, make the emotional connection with your intention by asking yourself, “Why is it important for you to make an emotional connection?” It is important to become emotionally invested in your resolutions in order to realize your intentions. Now you have the vista of that future so roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Write them down.  Commit your intentions to paper. Next, make a plan to achieve that those goals.  You may say, “Are you kidding me?  I don’t have time for planning.”  I will tell you that if you don’t have time to do this part you will not achieve those goals.  You need to let those goals scare you a little and, remember, you have to grow yourself so that you can grow yourself to a new you in a new year. You may dice and slice those goals into more manageable sizes in order to achieve them.

First, write down your big, bold goals. Second, list your next priority goals and, finally, list the rest of your goals. Another way to put this is to list your goals into daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals.  GSA: Goal/Strategy and Action.

Oh! One last thing …Review your goals and renew your commitment daily.

Happy New Year!  To an amazing 2015.


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