12-Week Group Workshop

Build Your Pathway

Charting your course to victory

This is for you if you…

  • Tell yourself that there’s no time to flesh out your life purpose
  • Working so hard and have nothing to show for it
  • Often lack vision and confidence for your purpose
  • Don’t know how to set and sustain achievable goals
  • Hoping for more time
  • Cannot Stop procrastinating
  • Have a difficult time of focusing on your highest priority
  • Often feel overwhelmed, frustrated
  • Not clear on what want
  • Been feeling like you stuck
  • Don’t think you deserve it
  • You’re at the fork in the road – Don’t know which way one to go

Each session is recorded and each attendee will have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with Ha for a 30 minute check-in session to get some of your toughest questions answered, once per month. We will also offer opportunities for social media networking, tweet chats, etc.!

12-Week Intensive – Building the track to run on

In this 12-week workshop, we’re lacing up our life/business running shoes:

  • Transformational Brainstorming which will cover:
    • What are your Ideas?
    • What are you most Passionate about?
    • What Commitment level are you on?
    • Identifying and handling competing Priorities
    • Are your dreams and purpose non-negotiable?
    • What integrity means to you and your business
  • Define your End game
  • Setting and tracking your personal/business goals
  • Where are you now and what does it look like, to include:
    • Emotionally
    • Attitude
    • Frame of mind
    • Your beliefs and disbeliefs
  • Become absolutely clear about what it is you really want
  • Know that you are worthy of what you want
  • Develop an effective plan, and then work your plan
  • Measure your progress. What gets measured gets managed.
  • Be willing to be flexible with your plans when necessary
  • Ignore the Nay Sayers
  • Inform the world about what you’re doing after you’ve done it
  • Never give up. It’s always too soon to quit.
  • Discover the ways to make and sustain more money
  • Set achievable goals—and, then achieve them!
  • Become 100% more productive in every area of your life
  • Stop procrastinating and learn to master your time
  • Discover the power of focusing on your highest priority

 Get Ready! Get Set! Go!

Date: TBD: with weekly 1 hour sessions by phone

Time Of Each Session: Thursday nights, 9pm ET

Recorded Access 24/7: Access to all broadcasts will be available 24/7 after each session



One payment of $997  (with credit/debit card or Paypal)

Three Monthly payments of $345  (with credit/debit card or Paypal)


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