Navigational Coaching


How to create and maneuver
a roadmap toward Your Destiny

In the privacy of your mind you constantly talk to yourself.

There’s an old saying that says “you can talk to yourself as long as you don’t answer.” Well, who does that? Nobody right? Everyone typically talks to and answers themselves. Your inner monologue might seem pointless at times, but the truth is “self-talk” can help you learn and maintain a positive lifelong trajectory. That’s what dreams are made of when it comes to a lifelong labor of your dreams. The goal you have set for yourself is making a decision to go after the calling of the higher self-visions you desire. Our dreams speak to us, through us, authenticate us and serve as the heartfelt reflections of our spirit. I am Ha Tran, and I am a Navigational Productivity Business and Life Coach. I will take you on a journey to help you understand and manifest your dreams. As a Navigational Productivity Coach, I will share some of the top ways to realize your dreams through managing yourself to produce the results you desire.

Get directional strategies with proven steps to get unstuck, dust off those old ideas and re-invent a sense of newness, while making and sustaining more time, productivity and money.

It’s now time to recalibrate…

My Navigational Coaching Program will also show you how to map out your personal route towards your desired outcome (destiny-destination). Sometimes, it can take a lifetime to get to where you are supposed to be in life; however this proven system, with precision, plan of execution and focus (and of course, with your commitment and the willingness to do the hard work) will put you on a charted course with a specific anticipated time of arrival. The possibilities for your future are limitless.

What You Will Learn:

  • Know where you are – examining the landscape
  • Know why and where you want to go – determining your destiny-destination
  • What’s the “real” reason you want to go there – identifying what’s driving that passion

…and MORE!

There are times in life when you feel stuck or overwhelmed.


Sometimes, you don’t get what you want or arrive at your intended results, because oftentimes, you may feel you don’t DESERVE IT.

Oftentimes, I hear stories of people that can go and do whatever they want – only to find out that they are simply running in place because they are held prisoner in their minds.

I had big dreams, wanted to do great things and serve a purpose in life, but unlike most people, I was physically held captive.

When I reflect back during the times of being held a prisoner, constantly under scrutiny of the “watch dogs” of the communist regime in Vietnam, hopes, dreams and visions were shattered daily. I was feeling like my dreams were being vaporized right before my eyes. However, I shifted my mindset to believe that this was not going to be the “beginning and end” of my life story.

You may ask – where am I today? How did I get out of that situation? Here’s what I will share, I’m not just surviving, but living a thriving life. I made up in my mind that I deserved better, empowered myself through hope and ultimately used my dreams as an escape channel/thread-hole to be a part of the outside world. So, when I talk about the journey to my destination, it’s not just a thought, it took courage to be here TODAY!

So, like you, I was stuck. It wasn’t apparent whether my life would change or I’d die with the dream inside of me. However, due to the wonders of the human spirit and my determination to fight for my own life, I was propelled in the right direction to keep running towards my destination and desires…SURVIVAL.

Sounds unreal, huh? Yes, I was held captive in a concentration camp so many years ago. However, my story did not end there. My story is one of a young woman who believed and followed her life purpose and dreams. This is not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I am not just a Navigational Life Coach on paper; I am a Navigational Productivity Life Success Story!

As a result of my struggles, I developed the Navigational Productivity Coaching Program to help others to get focused, create a directional life and business road map to create a thriving life and business of their dreams. But first, you must believe and embrace the mindset that, “Life is what you make it.” YOU deserve to be happy, success and abundance of wealth and health.

Here’s what I do know for sure, you must work on you, grow yourself and become vision-driven person.

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