Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read this before hiring Ha Tran.

What exactly is the bottom line when you speak?
I am a success coach, life strategist and professional speaker for individuals and organizations facing change and uncertainty. I teach children and adults how to create the mindset that allows them to accept and manage change, set priorities and keep commitments using the power of focus.

How did you come to be a specialist in mindset for managing change? 
Growing up in South Vietnam as the privileged daughter of a wealthy rice merchant, my every need was met. At the age of 8, following my mother’s death, my father hired a companion for me whose job was to play with and pick up after me. After graduating high school, I entered law school. With the Vietnam War in full scale most of my childhood, fast forward to the fall of Saigon in April 30 in 1975. The Americans left South Vietnam and the Communists took over.

This radical change meant that anyone could be arrested and tortured at any time. Fear and terror ruled our lives. The fact that we were educated and wealthy meant further danger as we were seen as examples of capitalism. My father’s property was confiscated. In order to ensure my safety and survival he knew that I must escape the Communist regime. This set me on a path of the unknown at the age of 20 from which there was no turning back– including days at sea in a boat with 400 people which was meant to hold 100, refugee camps, language barriers and physical and economic hardships. My hopes, intentions and commitments were tested over and over again. It is from that personal perspective that I talk about mindset.

I understand the importance of your experience, but what formal training have you had?
My formal education includes a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics from Illinois State University. And as I tell my clients, all education is good. But one’s life experiences and the resolve necessary to forge new objectives and goals while overcoming obstacles is what matters most. I am also a certified coach with three licensing agencies listed on the Certificates, Awards and Achievements page of this website.

What differentiates you from other speakers in your field?
People all over the world have experienced what appear to be insurmountable predicaments; I join many others who have fought to create their own destiny.

What may differentiate me from others is that I accept that all things must come to an end. In spite of the obvious irony, there is a blessing in impermanence. While I was growing up in what was then South Vietnam, subtle and then massive changes were taking place during and after the Vietnam civil war. While I did not know what the full implications of war were, my father knew and he was preparing me for the change that eventually would take me out of danger and to my new home in the U.S. Ultimately, we must make peace with impermanence and establish the resolve to go from the known to the unknown.

What is your signature presentation?
My signature presentation for adults is Moving from the Known to the Unknown: How to Forge a Rewarding New Life Experience for Yourself. I always keep the age and perspective of my audiences in mind when I speak.

My signature presentation for middle and high school children is Does Life Really Depend on How I Do in High School?: How to Move from Where You Are Now to Where You Want to Be.

There are detailed presentation descriptions as well as the take-aways (what you can expect) on the Presentation Topics page of this website.

Do you customize your presentations and if so, to what level?
I address your specific needs in a pre-program questionnaire that is issued at the time of the booking. Clients have the opportunity to inform me of their specific challenges so that those will be included specifically in the presentation when appropriate.

How thorough is your research to understand the client’s needs in order to prepare your presentation?
Once a client submits the completed pre-program questionnaire, I schedule a pre-conference call during the weeks prior to the presentation. This gives us an opportunity to make sure I fully understand the client’s needs when I prepare their presentation.

Will you be interviewing employees or members of the organization prior to your appearance?
Not usually. If the client finds that this is necessary in order to have pertinent information, I am available to do this. Also, if there are individuals that the client would like me to recognize from the stage, I am happy to do so.

May I arrange to preview a presentation at a nearby function to get a clear picture of your delivery, manner, language, and poise? Or do you have footage of you speaking on stage?
Video of my presentations is being prepared and should be available shortly. In addition, you may audit presentations as long as I am able to secure permission from the hiring entity. Some of my appearances are open to the public. If you opt-in on my website, you will receive notice about upcoming events available to the public.

How much do you charge for one hour, half-day and full-day programs?
Please contact my office, and I will be happy to provide you with the fee structure for keynote presentations, breakout or concurrent sessions, as well as multiple day appearances. If you have budget restraints which don’t allow you to match my fees, you may submit a proposal for a fee that is more affordable for you. Reasonable offers will be reviewed and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Will you fill more than one slot, which will save us money on hiring another speaker and paying additional travel costs?
Yes. I offer discounted rates for multiple bookings at the same event, as well as multiple bookings for different events, as long as they are booked at the same time. My fee schedule is available upon request.

What are your payment terms?  
Half of the speaking fee is required as a deposit to confirm a booking, and that is due two weeks after the program agreement is issued. The balance of the speaking fee is due two weeks prior to the appearance date. Expenses are in addition to the speaking fee and are due upon receipt of my invoice.

What if there is a need to cancel a program that is already contracted?
I have a cancellation clause on my contract. The time and circumstances of the cancellation determine the outcome. If we are able to reschedule at a future time, I make every effort to do so without additional fees.

Do you use handouts in your presentation and if so, do we make our own copies from the masters or will you be providing the number of copies we need?
Depending on the length and circumstances of each presentation, I determine if a handout is necessary. If, however, the client prefers a handout, I will accommodate that preference, and will provide the client with one master copy to duplicate and distribute to the audience prior to my presentation.

Will you place our logo and the name of our organization in the handout?
If that is your preference, I will do so. I work within your guidelines.

Do you involve the audience during your presentation?
Not usually. I do prefer to involve the audience, but the extent depends on the format of the meeting and length of my presentation. A keynote is usually less than an hour and does not include time for audience interaction other than questions and answers at the end. There is more flexibility with a workshop. Presentations that are half to full day formats allow for more involvement from the audience.

We like our speakers to arrive early and stay after the presentation. Do you allow time for that?
I usually arrive the evening before and leave the same day I speak. This may vary if my presentation is late in the day. If your organization would like me to attend special events the evening before or following the event, please let me know. Attendance will depend on my speaking schedule the days before and after the presentations.

Do you offer books, CDs, trainings or other products following your presentation?
I have extended learning materials in production now. My book, Empowered by Hope, is available. I have additional products in progress as well. Depending on the desires of the organization, I can either pre-sell items to the organization in advance of my appearance, or make them available following my presentation.

How can I purchase copies of your book for the attendees at our upcoming event?
Please contact my office to receive a discount rate for bulk purchases of Empowered by Hope for all attendees.

Is there a bulk discount on large quantities of books?
Yes. Please email me to request information on the bulk discount rate.

If we pre-purchase books, will you autograph a copy in advance for each attendee?
Yes. You will have the choice to pre-purchase books outright or order for consignment at the organization’s exhibit booth at the conference. When I issue an appearance contract, you will be asked if you would like to pre-purchase books for each person in the audience and if so, whether or not you would like to have them autographed. The books will then be mailed to you prior to the appearance for distribution.