About the Sunrise



Many people believe that life is a journey. However, for me, life is a voyage. I am a voyager who has battled through the stormy seas.

After our escape from Vietnam, we were sent to a refugee camp on an island in Malaysia. We endured 15 long and dismal months as citizens of no country. I fell into complete despair.

After a time, I would walk to the seashore with my two little boys. Every day I watched the sun rise from the below horizon– catching that magic moment when the sun seemed to sit upon the water. That magnificent view gave me hope. This hope allowed me to look forward to a better future.

Throughout my life, I have found myself battling heavy winds and high waves. By harnessing my faith as I fight the wind tunnels and turbulence of life, no matter how dark the night is, I never give up.

I never give up because the sun always rises.


Many thanks to my dear friends John Schneyer and Darlene Brown for generously allowing me to use their photography on my website.